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2009 03 10 Dahro har nu fått HD grad B efter ny röntgen.

2008 07 04 Dahro get exelent at World Dog Show

2008 07 03 Dahro get Exelent at 3:rd place at Circuit CAC Breed Show

2008 06 19 Giah HD:A, ELBOWS:A and EYES OK

2008 05 10 Giah passed the mentaltest with 1 (the best) on shooting

2007 08 04 Giah 2:nd best female puppy at Swedish Major Specialty 

2007 07 01 Dahro has passed the Mental Test with 1 on the shooting (1 is the best)

2007 06 17 DAHRO was BOB for Jesper Andersson at Swedish Breeders Clubshow in Avesta, Sweden

2007 05 19 DAHRO was BOB junior for Gunilla Skallman at Katrineholm  Workingdog Clubshow!

2007 05 13 New Photos of GRIMMENDANS GIAH

2007.03.25 She´s finally here: GRIMMENDANS GIAH!!!

2007.03.16 New photos of Dahro:)

2007.02.25  Some new links. A BLOGG is added....More photos of DAHRO will come soon:)

2006.10.20   In August 2 years ago, our precious Eternity´s ODYHN won BEST IN SHOW at the Major Swedish Specialty.  Bennys sister Camilla jumped of joy, although it was her first dogcompetition ever...today,  just a few years later, we´ve lost them both to cancer. Sleep well Camilla, we will always remember you, and also the day when you jumped of joy together with us! You live in our hearts for eternity;)

Some new photos of Dahro are added.

2006.09.10 DAHRO was BOB puppy for Kenneth Edh at Eskilstuna  Workingdog Clubshow!

2005.06.20   We have a new familymember:) Take a look under Our dogs! More photos will come soon...

2006.02.04  The site has finally been updated and a bit changed;)

2005.08.23  Today we had to say godbye to our beloved Odyhn due to stomach cancer. We will never ever forget you since you were our special one;) You will live in our hearts for eternity!

2004.08.07         Eternity´s Odyhn BEST IN SHOW at the Swedish Major Specialty!!! Together with his brother O´zkath and sister Omrah, and Lancelots sister Legend they where BIS 3 PRODUCER GROUP too:-) I guess we don´t have to say we are sooooo HAPPY!:-) Also, new photos from the show taken by Carin Lyrholm & Frida Brändström, THANK YOU for letting us use them!!! (We were to exited so we forgot to take any...:-)

2004.05.30         New female added, Eternity´s Omrah!

2004.02.24         New photos of Odyhn!

2003.09            ODYHN was BOB for Mme Willemine van Dejl at the Swedish Kennel Club Show in Sofiero! His sister Orcah was BOS, and our "friend" Ynes de Romanin was also BOB Malinois!

2003.08.04        ETERNITY´S ODYHN was 2.nd BEST MALE at the Swedish Major Specialty this weekend for Mme Anny de Prez!!!

2002.05.16        Some new photos of Odyhn is added!!!!!!!!!

2002.04.07        Ok, some new links are added again, this time to: Thinice, Enbuskens, Belgerac, Karmanjakas Engel & Acke and Angus in Sweden. In hungary: kennel du Montmirail, and in USA: Chien Noir!  Take your time to surf around!

2001.01.30    Well, everything on this site is BRAND NEW!!!!!!! Totally new website then from 2002-01-30!

........The website will be updated as often as possible with fresh news! Thats why you folks has to keep visiting us from time to time!!!

2001.12.15      Eternity´s Lancelot was BOB, CACIB & SWEDISH WINNER-01!

2001.08.04     Eternity´s Odyhn was 5:th best male at the Swedish Specialty! His mother Xandra de Sincfal was BIS producer together with Odyhn and his sister Orcah and 2 brothers! 

SW-00 Eternity´s Lancelot was 3:rd best male at the same show. 

2001.05.28     A few days ago SW-00 Eternity´s Lancelot was BOB at a workingdogclub show in Katrineholm.